Primary Classes

In this mixed age environment, children spend two years in the same class enabling them to get to know their classmates and teachers well. The continuity of returning to the same room each year makes for a strong classroom community for children and parents alike.

In these classrooms the materials unique to Montessori are explored. These materials are multi-sensory, hands-on, concrete, and self-correcting. Each family will receive a manual titled “The Pink What” which explains the purpose of each material and how it is used.

The 3-6yr old child goes through an intense period of change which includes a transition to cooperative play along with more complex social interactions. The language “explosion” during this period leads to beginning reading and writing skills. The emergence of number sense and the foundations of math development also take place.

In our Primary Classes, we offer extracurricular activities for well-rounded development including ‘Computer Pals’ every other week as paid for in curriculum. Extracurricular activities that can be added to the curriculum include: gymnastics, dance, soccer.