Pre-Primary Program

The practical life curriculum in the pre-primary class encourages the child to refine the following skills:

  1. Grace and Courtesy
    • Getting the teacher’s attention
    • Asking to watch a work
    • Asking to help a friend
  2. Self Help Skills
    • Blowing one’s nose
    • Coughing into elbow
    • Helping to apply sunscreen to him/herself
    • Dressing- jacket flip technique, zipping, buttoning, etc.
  3. Care of the Environment
    • Napkin Folding
    • Dusting
    • Table scrubbing
    • Watering plants

Sensorial activities include:

  1. Visual discrimination based on color, shape, size
  2. Sound matching cylinders

Language development is refined through the following activities:

  1. Group story time
  2. I spy games
  3. Story sequencing
  4. Encouraging the child to ask for help rather than the teacher anticipating needs

Free choice as well as teacher directed art and music activities are offered daily.