About Us

Our Mission…

The staff at MFLC is dedicated to preparing an outstanding Montessori environment that fosters collaboration, cooperation, and peace, and provides experiences that promote curiosity, inquiry, and concentration– thus enabling each child to reach his/her highest potential academically, spiritually, and socially.

Our Goals…

The goals of our learning center can be subdivided into three conceptual categories: spiritual, intellectual, and social.


  • To lead children toward the mastery of daily life skills
  • To foster student initiated inquiry
  • To nourish a child’s innate joy in learning and a love of work
  • To develop graceful movement and muscular control
  • To present an individualized program that encourages children to think, question, and discover through hands-on exploration with self-correcting materials


  • To help the child develop spontaneous self-discipline
  • To instill in each child a sense of personal responsibility for the world in which we live
  • To spark in our children- wonder, imagination, and joy
  • To promote an atmosphere that celebrates diversity, inspires compassion, and develops the potential in every human being


  • To develop poise, grace, and self-confidence
  • To provide a safe nurturing environment that fosters independent and cooperative learning, embraces strengths as well as weaknesses, and builds self-esteem
  • To form a warm welcoming partnership among educators, parents, and students, whose goal is to cultivate confident, knowledgeable, and empathetic leaders